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About Roger

With tongue only slightly planted in cheek, Roger refers to himself as a Raconteur simply for lack of a better term.

Having his Bachelor’s degree in theatre, and his Master’s in Media Studies, Roger’s writing includes theatrical works as well as pieces of music and cultural criticism. He has contributed to several websites including The Huffington Post, The Waster, while maintaining own blog.

He recently created a music/culture CloudCast entitled When You Play It Say It. He is also available for voice over work.

Roger prefers staples to paperclips, vinyl to CDs, Moogs to ARPs, Coke to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke, Star Wars to Star Trek, The Who to The Stones, and writing letters to making phone calls. 


The latest episode of When You Play It, Say It! Is available to stream on MixCloud. This time I sat down with songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Roger O’Toole, whose project, Amateur Blonde, produces rocking and densely layered recordings of Ryan’s contemplative and frequently autobiographical music. Ryan and I discussed his process of solo recording in contrast with his experiences with group collaboration, how record companies sowed the seeds of their own downfall, and how he nearly blew up one of our musical heroes.