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When You Play It, Say It!  is a music based cloudcast featuring interviews with musical artists presenting their work and explaining their creative processes and influences. A relatively free-form affair (with usually a few drinks being tossed back), the show features broader discussions of genre (and the blurring of lines between), personal anecdotes, and plenty of music from out of left field is played. Inevitably, tongues get a little loose, language gets a little bit colorful, and maybe a few things get said that might not have been.


When You Play It, Say It!  aims to find to find a middle ground between perceptive, engaging content, and cheap entertainment.  It does this through a delicate blend of insightful and thought-provoking musical discussion, eclectic and often rare music, and just the right amount of juvenile humor.

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Drew DiCamillo is a bass player, composer, and recording artist based in New York. He performs in numerous bands and in multiple styles, and his recorded work is even more diverse, encompassing funk, hard rock, soul, jazz, and country… sometimes all in one song. He talked about how he cut his teeth playing in big band jazz groups and meticulously studying and transcribing solos by his heroes. We also spent quite a bit of time talking about his unorthodox recording techniques, utilizing international musicians, and the positive and negative influences of technology on music.

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