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 Voice-over Artist - Cloudcaster - Raconteur

With tongue only slightly planted in cheek, Roger refers to himself as a raconteur simply for lack of a better term.


Having his Bachelor’s degree in theatre, and his Master’s in Media Studies, Roger’s writing includes theatrical works as well as pieces of music and cultural criticism. He has contributed to numerous websites including The Huffington Post, JamBase, All About Jazz, as well as his own blog, Otherweis


He hosts a music/culture cloudcast entitled “When You Play It Say It.” He is also available for voice over work.


Roger prefers staples to paperclips, vinyl to CDs, Moogs to ARPs, Coke to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke, Star Wars to Star Trek, The Who to The Stones, and writing letters to making phone calls.

He also does graphic design and data visualization projects. His portfolio can be found here.



Roger’s new play, Seasons on Nibiru, or: How Do You Say Apocalypse in Volapük?, will be presented by the Black Bear Film Festival Screenwriting Collective as a virtual reading.

The live stream table reading will take place on April 13th at 6:00pm.

Check it out on the Black Bear Film Festival’s YouTube channel.

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